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Christina Stevenson, M.S. CCC-SLP

Christina is a passionate and skilled speech-language pathologist who enjoys working with children and their families on improving communication/social skills.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington University (EWU) with a major in Communication Disorders, a minor in Counseling, Education, and Developmental Psychology, and earning the Outstanding Undergraduate Award. She also obtained her Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders from EWU, graduating summa cum laude.

Prior to becoming a founding partner in Redmond Speech & Language, Christina worked as a speech-language pathologist in the public school setting where she gained experience working with children ages 3-18. Christina is skilled in the use of iPad technology for improving communication ability as well as the evaluation and treatment of articulation/phonological disorders, developmental language delay, dysfluency, motor speech disorders, and communication difficulties associated with Autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays.  She is particularly interested in working with children in preschool through high school struggling with social communication.

Outside of work, Christina enjoys playing in the great outdoors with her two energetic children and her adventuresome husband.

Angela Bacuyani, M.A. CCC-SLP

Angela is a caring and dedicated professional who enjoys working with  adults and children in all areas of communication and cognition.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Loma Linda University in 2004, where she was nominated Speech-Pathology Student of the Year.  In 2007,  she earned her Master of Arts degree in Communicative Disorders from Fresno State University, graduating summa cum laude.

Angela has extensive experience treating communication, cognitive, and swallowing disorders for all ages. She has work experience in a variety of settings including acute care hospital, in-patient/out-patient rehabilitation, home health, nursing home,  preschool, elementary, and middle school.  She is skilled in evaluation and treatment of dysphagia, dysarthria, aphasia, apraxia, traumatic-brain injury, voice-disorders, and autism spectrum disorder.

Angela was born and raised in Oregon and has lived in Redmond for over 10 years.  She enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling the world with her husband and three children.

Anna Chaffee, M.S. CF-SLP

Anna was born and raised in Vermont, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Vermont. Anna always knew she had a passion working with other people and became interested in the field of speech pathology when working with children with autism in her local high school. She then went on to receive her M.S. in communication sciences and disorders from New York University.

Through her clinical placements during her masters program, Anna gained experience working with various populations including early intervention, school-aged children, and adults in the hospital setting. Anna enjoys working with all ages and their families to set goals that will promote everyday communication. Anna is dedicated to helping her clients reach their goals to promote independence and success across all communication environments.

When Anna is not at work, she enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and swimming. As she is new to Central Oregon, she enjoys camping and exploring the beautiful area.

Bekah Filippini, M.S. CCC-SLP

Bekah was born and raised in the Pacific North West and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oregon in both Communication Disorders and Sciences, and Psychology. She received her Master’s Degree from Midwestern University-Glendale where she achieved an award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and honed particular interests in cognition, social communication, literacy, and fluency. 

Bekah has experience working in clinical and medical outpatient rehabilitation centers, acute care, and public schools giving her a wide variety of capabilities across the lifespan. She is a dedicated and supportive speech-language pathologist who is deeply committed to helping her clients feel included and successful across all communication environments.

In her free-time, Bekah enjoys reading, photography, concert-going, hiking, camping, and exploring Oregon with her adorable dog, Ripley.

Beth Lee, M.S. CCC-SLP

Beth was born and raised in Colorado, and recently moved to Oregon for a new adventure!  After earning her degree in Human Development from Colorado State University, Beth spent many years teaching preschool in various settings.  She discovered an interest in speech therapy after teaching in a Head Start program and seeing the impact that the Speech-Language Pathologists had on her students with communication difficulties.  Beth then went on to earn her MS in communication sciences and disorders from Idaho State University.

Beth has extensive experience working with preschool children and gained clinical experience with children of a variety of ages and etiologies in private clinics and in the schools.  She is especially passionate about early intervention, as she enjoys working collaboratively with families to help children find their voices and reach their full potential.  Beth enjoys helping children and their families set and achieve goals that are meaningful and will help children communicate in their daily lives.

When she’s not at work, Beth can be found exploring Oregon with her husband and family, usually on their bikes.  She also enjoys baking, knitting, kayaking, doing puzzles, and reading.

Elizabeth Smith, M.S. CCC-SLP

Elizabeth was born and raised in Southern California where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from California State University, San Marcos. After earning her degree she had the opportunity to enrich her interpersonal and multicultural skills through extensive world-wide travel and prior work experience outside of the field of speech-language pathology. Eventually, she went back to pursue her Master’s of Science degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Northridge where she graduated with distinction.

Elizabeth feels very lucky to have found a field in which she can work together with clients and families to support effective communicative skills. She thinks helping others create meaningful communication is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

Elizabeth has worked for a private clinic and within a school district in her time as an SLP. She tries to make each session engaging by finding what motivates each client and incorporating that into therapy. She believes collaborating with families is a key element to a personalized intervention and a significant part of evidence-based practice.

When she’s not working, she enjoys salsa dancing, pilates, hiking, rock climbing, and any beach activity.

Kim Roerig, M.S. CCC-SLP

Kim has been a Speech Language Pathologist since 2010. Her intrigue for the field started at a young age after seeing her grandfather recover from a stroke. She pursued her interests at the University of Wisconsin prior to completing a master’s in medical speech-language pathology at the University of Washington.

Kim is passionate about caring for voice and swallow impairments, vocal cord dysfunction, and cognitive-communication therapy. She enjoys meeting the challenge of treating the specific needs of an individual,  and has experience working with pediatrics through adults. She is certified in Vital-Stim and Speak OUT!

Kim hails from the Midwest and dreamed that someday she would live near the mountains. She and her husband have two young children who are avid skiers, cyclists, and campers, just like their parents.

Kris Albertson, M.A. CCC-SLP

Kris has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 25 years. She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She then worked in the Des Moines, Iowa area in a variety of settings including hospital inpatient, outpatient, skilled care facilities and home care. Kris has an extensive background in the evaluation and treatment of all ages from children to adults to geriatrics with a wide variety of communication disorders, including aphasia, apraxia, articulation/phonological disorders, language and cognitive impairment, dysarthria and swallowing difficulties. She is certified in Vital Stim and LSVT LOUD. Kris is caring, compassionate and dedicated to helping all of her patients improve their communication, cognitive and swallowing abilities for maximum quality of life. She feels that each goal met during treatment, no matter how big or small, can make such a difference in a child’s and family’s lives.

Kris recently relocated to Oregon after the birth of her first grandchild. In her free time, Kris enjoys reading, crafting, exploring Oregon and spending time with her family.

Lauren Del Mar, M.S. CCC-SLP

Lauren is a world traveler who settled in Bend 10 years ago to pursue her career while enjoying the culture and community of Central Oregon. She received her bachelor’s in history from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and her MS in Communication Disorders from East Carolina University. Her career has been focused on working with children with a variety of needs including articulation, dysfluency and delayed expressive communication (late talkers), with a special interest in family coaching and play-based therapies for those aged birth-5 with speech and language delays. She strongly believes in using a strengths-based approach to therapy, and starts by recognizing all the skills her clients already have, and building from there! She takes particular joy in building collaborative relationships with clients and families to achieve communication goals, and loves how improving communication has a positive cascading effect on many aspects of patients’ lives.

In her spare time, Lauren loves tending her indoor plants, playing cello and ukulele, traveling, and pursuing various outdoor hobbies with her family. She also loves kids movies and is happy to have a professional reason to stay up-to-date on all the latest characters and songs now that her children are older.

Malyne Rasmussen, M.S. CCC-SLP

Malyne grew up in the desert town of Reno, Nevada. Following her undergraduate studies, she worked as a speech-language pathology assistant in multiple elementary schools in Reno. Once she gained experience in the field, she completed a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Nevada, Reno. She treated and evaluated children, teens, and adults with a variety of speech, language, and swallowing disorders. She also received a departmental award for academic excellence and clinical competence.

Malyne recently moved to Bend and is excited to serve the Central Oregon community. She strives to help clients find their voice through a variety of evidence based practices, collaborating with family, and having fun!

Mariella Nolfo, M.S. CCC-SLP

Mariella Nolfo is a Speech Language Pathologist in Central Oregon who served children K-12 in Crook County School District for 3 years, where she started a Social Cognition program for high school students in Special Education with Autism. Prior to her graduate education, Mariella spent nearly a decade working with children and adults with autism as a private caregiver and member of behavioral support teams for numerous schools and families in and around the Portland, OR metro area. Mariella has also been heavily involved in research in Communication Disorders. She was co-lead on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study on auditory processing in individuals with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) at OHSU from 2015-2017 and also developed a pilot study & professional resource library with Portland State University’s Autism & Social Communication Lab on a sibling-mediated, AAC-based intervention for nonverbal children with ASD. 

In addition to her skills as a clinician, Mariella is also a professional musician; she has been playing drums for over 23 years and received her Bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She became interested in Speech Pathology and autism after encountering a number of non-verbal children with ASD whom were able to use spoken language in musical settings. 

In her free time, Mariella continues to play and record music and loves exploring beautiful Central Oregon with her husband Colin and 3 mini dachshunds, Franky, Lady & Apollo.

Raegan Joyce, M.S. CF-SLP

Rae was born and raised in Radford, Virginia and moved to Central Oregon in June of 2023. She received her bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. with a concentration in American Sign Language, graduating summa cum laude.

She then moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue her graduate degree in speech language pathology at Gallaudet University. Rae is fluent in American Sign Language and has extensive experience working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and has a passion for providing language access to this population. She also has experience working with children with complex communication and medical needs, Autism spectrum disorder and is passionate about various forms of augmentative and alternative communication. After work you may find Rae hiking or camping with her best friends and her yellow lab, Moose. She enjoys music and concerts, rock climbing, cooking and farming.

Samantha Spaciano, M.A. CCC-SLP

Sam earned her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. In her 10+ year career, she has worked extensively with children in early childhood special education. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in early intervention in both direct therapy and parent education.

She feels passionately about children with complex communication needs, apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, AAC, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. She loves green screen teletherapy and teaching her speech therapy preschool class.

Sam loves to travel. She finds joy experiencing and creating art and music, and incorporating this into her therapy. In fact, she performs around Oregon in her children’s band, the Party Animals, with songs inspired by her many years doing speech therapy in preschool classrooms. She can often be found riding her bike through beautiful Bend with her ukulele strapped to her back!

Sidney Davie, M.S. CCC-SLP

Sidney is originally from Pleasant Hill, Oregon where she lived and taught as a first grade teacher in the Springfield School District. From her teaching experience she discovered a passion for speech language pathology after watching the school SLP make significant impacts on the lives of the students and families. Sidney also attended speech therapy as a child to help her articulate the /r/ sound and remembers how confident she felt after therapy. Sidney received her Speech Language Pathology degree at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR where she also obtained a certificate in gerontology. There she honed her clinical expertise while working with infants through geriatric clients with a variety of disorders.

When Sidney isn’t working she enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, and reading. Sidney’s mission is to make treatment fun and meaningful for the clients and families that attend Redmond Speech and Language.

Tracy Lombardo, M.S. CCC-SLP

Tracy earned her Master of Science in 2006 from Portland State University, majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences. She has worked in various clinical settings including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, outpatient and home health, treating a wide variety of communication, cognitive, swallowing and voice disorders.

Tracy’s areas of interests include augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and helping those with chronic or progressive communication impairments. She works closely with clients and families to identify appropriate communication methods, including low-tech communication boards, using tablets (ios and android), and a variety of speech generating devices for individuals with complex physical and communication needs. Tracy completed additional training for respiratory muscle strength training, alaryngeal speech, stoma care and pulmonary hygiene for individuals following total laryngectomy.

A primary focus for Tracy is helping clients and families identify functional goals to help individuals regain participation in life and develop healthy communication and engagement in school, home or work. She believes therapy should be relevant and engaging for all parties involved.


Kari was born and raised in Eastern Washington and moved to Redmond in 2012. She comes with an Associate of Arts degree and over 10 years of scheduling and billing experience in hospital and outpatient settings. Kari has two wonderful step children and one amazing daughter. She spends most of her time with family and enjoys board games or a good book. Kari cares deeply for the Redmond community and is excited to be part of a local business that helps others.

Sarah Gibson,

Sarah was born and raised here in Central Oregon. She just graduated from Sage School of Massage and Ethics. She has gained a great knowledge of customer service from all sorts of different work settings. She loves interacting with and helping people. She enjoys snowboarding, volleyball and playing board games with her family in her free time along with caring for her adorable puppy Ripley.

Hayley Praefke,

Hayley was born in Portland and raised in Central Oregon. She graduated from Redmond High and recently found her place at Redmond Speech and Language. She loves working with kids and hopes to be a therapist for children in the future. Hayley enjoys being with her family, friends, and animals and enjoying everything Central Oregon has to offer!

Colette Korva,

Colette was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and moved to Central Oregon in the summer of 2022. She attended Minnesota North College for Graphic Design Media and creates digital art as her main hobby outside of work. Colette has a husband, two beautiful daughters and an adopted shelter pup. She loves going hiking, kayaking and exploring whenever she gets the chance, and also enjoys snuggling up with coffee and a good book or tv show. Colette’s dream is to someday become a children’s book illustrator by using her artistic talents.