Our mission is to provide evidence based speech and language services to every patient we treat. After research and based on years of experience, it is evident to us that patients make the best progress when seen consistently. Cancellations interrupt the progress of therapy and reduce the effectiveness of treatment. For this reason, families are expected to make every effort possible to attend scheduled appointments. The following outlines our cancellation/rescheduling procedures.

If I need to cancel I will call/text my therapist or the office ASAP. Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. We realize things happen last minute, but as soon as you are aware that you will need to miss an appointment, please notify us (even if after office hours).

If I cancel more than 1 time per month, I must reschedule a make-up visit that takes place within the following two weeks OR pay $50 cancellation fee*. Regular attendance is necessary to make progress in therapy. When an appointment is rescheduled it is expected that I will attend that appointment in addition to my other scheduled appointments. Teletherapy is an option in most cases.

If I cancel an appointment for any reason within 48 hours, I must reschedule a make-up visit that takes place within the following two weeks OR pay a $50 cancellation fee*. When canceled with less than 48 hours notice, we are unable to fill that spot with another patient on the standby list.

If I do not show up for my appointment without canceling ahead of time, I must reschedule a make-up visit that takes place within the following two weeks AND pay a $50 cancellation fee*. As you may have guessed, communication is important to us. Just send a quick call or text.

Failure to reschedule/pay the fee as directed above will result in the loss of my set appointment time. Should that happen I will be placed on a standby list and my appointments will be scheduled with any open therapist

If I am on a standby schedule there is no guarantee that I will see the same therapist each visit or that a time slot will be available that works for my schedule.

If I am gone for more than two consecutive weeks, Redmond Speech cannot hold my time slot or customary therapist. If you are out of town, teletherapy is an option in most cases.

I understand that my insurance will not pay for cancellation fees, and if a cancellation fee is owed it must be paid prior to my next appointment. Payment links can be found at redmondspeech.com

*MEDICAID PATIENTS: By law, we are prevented from charging attendance fees to medicaid patients. If your insurance provider is medicaid, you do not have the $50 fee option. Missed appointments must be rescheduled and made up within two weeks. Failing this, you will be put on a standby list.

Please direct any questions to our office at 541-668-3232. We make every effort to help families through their individual situations and make sure therapy is consistent for each of our patients and avoid gaps in therapy!

Attendance FAQs

  • For our current patients, because they deserve to make progress in therapy.
  • For our therapists, because they deserve to be paid for the time they set aside to provide care.
  • For our future patients, who are waiting for a therapy spot to open.
  • We understand, we have families too!
  • We ask that you use your best judgment when deciding if your child is too sick to come to therapy. If they are sick enough to stay home from school or have had a fever of 100 degrees or higher in the past 72-hours, they should shift to teletherapy or cancel therapy that day. Let your therapist know ASAP and/or call our office for assistance: Bend (541) 668-3757 or Redmond (541) 668-3232.
  • If a sickness or emergency prevents you from coming, let us know when you will be able to schedule a makeup session. Our scheduling desk has been instructed to waive the 2 week deadline in certain circumstances. The $50 fee may be waived once per month if needed/approved by office administrators.

This is a therapy session you attend in addition to your regularly scheduled sessions. For example, if you normally come once per week but have to miss, you will likely be scheduled to come twice the next week.

Mention it when you call or text to cancel your regular session. We can schedule the makeup appointment at the time you cancel. If the makeup appointment can’t be scheduled right away, we will put you on a call list and reach out via phone and text. You will hear from us several times because we don’t want you to miss the two week deadline.

That’s okay! Makeup sessions can be done with any of our therapists. This is a good chance to expose you to different styles of therapy.

We know schedules can be tight. Remember that makeup sessions can often be done over teletherapy. Attending all your sessions is very important to make progress and for our therapists to get paid. Remember that not attending all your sessions puts you at risk for losing your regular appointment time.

You can reach our office via phone or text at 541-668-3232, or email office@redmondspeech.com. You can speak with, text, or email one of our owners, Angie Bacuyani, at 541-316-8004 or angela.bacuyani@redmondspeech.com.