Pay your bill conveniently and securely using your card or Venmo.

What if I don’t want to pay through Venmo or Square?

You can call Angie at 541-316-8004 and make a payment over the phone. You can also send a check to 326 SW 7th St. Redmond, OR 97756. 

Do you have any other payment options? We’re in a tough spot financially.

Yes, we can provide a monthly payment plan at your request. Talk with office staff at your next visit.  You can also call or email. Contact information below.

Why doesn’t my bill match my EOB or what my insurance told me?

We can’t know what they told you, but if you email your questions to us we can research the discrepancy and get back to you. A copy of the EOB your insurance gave you would help greatly. 

Are you sure you billed the correct insurance?

We bill the insurance information given to us. If that has changed or you have a secondary plan please let us know. You can email copies of your cards so we have all the information on file. 

Why does my statement look different?

We just transitioned to new software and the statements are generated from there. This is also why there has been a recent delay in statements. If you have any trouble finding the information you need, let us know.

Billing Contacts

Angie Bacuyani